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The heist of the century


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Henry Pessar, photographer and journalist, wrote the memoirs of famous boxer and friend CARLOS MONZON, INGEBORG DEDICHEN ( ONASSIS Mon amour ) and DANS LA MEMOIRE DES ETOILES, livre mémoire, will take you through the heist of the century with the precision of an Antwerp goldsmith.


In a final sleight of hand, his bad boys may well prove to be the last lords. 


Mount Alcazaba and escape to the sunshine of an Irish summer!


Alcazaba, a noble racehorse, will take you on a cavalcade across Europe.


There's a lot of escapism in this soap opera, which can be enjoyed like a film noir between VERNEUIL and MELVILLE.


Our three gangsters will lead you into an astonishing game of dupes that could well turn out to be a game of hide-and-seek. 


Our thieves and kidnappers, half gangsters half musketeers, will take you from the darkest jails to the most opulent palaces in Dublin, London or Amsterdam. Their frantic race, with the furious speed of a galloping thoroughbred, will take your breath away, with punchy style!

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