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In memory of exceptional moments

John Lennon and Yoko Ono


Aristote Onassis

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Bob Dylan



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Bao Daï

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A hunter of images and words with a thousand and one lives.

Henry Pessar, journalist, writer, photographer, has met and photographed during years of incessant travels around the world, sometimes inaccessible characters as different as Marcel Dassault, Mother Teresa, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Greta Garbo, Rose Kennedy, the former emperor Bao Daï, Jacqueline Kennedy, Aristotle Onassis, Barbara Hutton, Sofia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida, Nathalie Wood, Stavros Niarchos, Henry Ford II, Carlos Monzon, Alain Delon, the spy Cicero, the dictator Batista and so many other personalities. 

His friendship with the prodigious Rudolf Nureyev counted a lot, as did his investigations in the USSR in the world of dissidents...

Henry Pessar wrote, among others, the memoirs of the invincible boxer Carlos Monzon, and the memoirs of Ingeborg Dedichen (Onassis My Love). Fascinated by his contemporaries, he speaks English, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese and Russian. 

Born in Boulogne-Billancourt some time ago.


A very atypical course.


Spurred on by this rage to conquer, to overthrow all obstacles, to triumph over everything that animates him, already very enthusiastic, having a thousand passions, he succeeded at the age of 17 in a tour of Spain by bicycle.


Higher education. Preparation of HEC, Math. Sup. Business bores him; he has a passion for languages: studies Russian at the School of Oriental Languages in Paris. Drops out of university after a plane crash: learned to fly.


Works in Toledo for a year as an interpreter. Uses Spanish daily.

Passionate about art, he runs a gallery of contemporary paintings, rue de Miromesnil in Paris: the "Gallery of Figurative Art".

Willing to write, to photograph, to learn constantly, to try to know everything: Becomes a freelance journalist and realizes many scoops. Always this need to surpass oneself.


Art historian, devotes himself to vast investigations in the world of painting. Eclectic: Has always been as fascinated by Western art as by African or Asian art. Specializes in "Communication". One of the world's greatest real estate promoters, Victor Pastor, the man who built almost everything in the Principality of Monaco, considers him almost a specialist and asks him to take care of his international communication; his interpersonal skills and his thirst to convince seduce him. He will assist him for three years until his accidental disappearance.

Watching over his image, totally realizes for him, from A to Z! a very beautiful brochure. Model, texts and photos.


Relationships at the highest level in the most important magazines in the world. For the record, he collaborated, among others, with :


Paris-Match - Jour de France - Oggi - Stern - Bunte Illustrierte - Holà - Lecturas - Time - Women's Wear Daily - Kwik - Panorama - Zondag Niews - Daily Express - Mail on Sunday - Asahi Shinbun

More than three thousand articles written on all themes, almost always accompanied by photos.


Countries where he has made reports: Central Africa - Finland - Sweden - Denmark - Norway - United States - USSR then Russia - Germany - Italy - Argentina - Netherlands - Belgium -
Egypt - Guatemala - Mexico - Belize - Spain - Portugal - Greece - Tunisia - Great Britain - Ulster - Ireland.


Spectacular actions: The last pictures and the last interview of Le Corbusier.


A very spectacular image of the funeral of General de Gaulle.


His first "scoop" Greta Garbo bursts out laughing with a daisy in her hand.


He succeeds in getting the Beatles, the Rolling-Stones, Bob Dylan and other "pop-singers" to answer Marcel Proust's famous questionnaire. They nicknamed him ''Henry Proust''.

The day after their wedding, Yoko Ono and John Lennon followed his car from Paris to Amsterdam. He had just spent two days with them.


In 1971, he produced the most published photo in France for 20 years (Marcel Dassault behind his desk), published between 100 and 200 million times...


He was the host of a weekly one-hour show ''Ricochets'' on ''Radio Chalom'' - Nice.
A hunt, a perpetual quest, an unquenchable thirst for new encounters and friendships.

The rage to see, to know, to learn, to testify. His best friend, Jacques-Henri Lartigue, called him "le Roy". Henry Pessar never knew what or why!


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