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Onassis Mon Amour 

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"I certify that everything in this account, however implausible it may seem, is authentic. "

Ingeborg Dedichen.

Ingeborg DEDICHEN shared ONASSIS's intimate, secret life for over twelve years. The daughter of a powerful Sandefjord shipowner, she belongs to a very large Norwegian family.

For the first time, the woman who lived with him far longer than any other woman agrees to tell the incredible story of their fiery, stormy romance.

In this never-before-published account, she offers a behind-the-scenes look at the explanation and the key to his vertiginous rise to the head of a gigantic empire.

Ingeborg DEDICHEN's willingness to reveal the whole truth about this fascinating, outsized figure, about whom so much has been written but of whom so little was actually known, finally lifts the veil on a mysterious destiny.

Cleared of all the inaccuracies of a misleading legend, relived as he really was, ONASSIS enters history forever...



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