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Me, Carlos Monzon

( Literary translations )



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Distant  and  mysterious,  Carlos MONZON sits on his pedestal.

Until now, nothing was known about his past or his private life.

Dark and taciturn, he had always refused to talk about himself, his two fists were enough to express himself ...

But Henry Pessar decided to break his silence and tell everything: his miserable childhood, his slow and painful ascent that was would lead him to glory.

Carried away by a furious rage to win, he had to take on a thousand different, jobs all while training, showing superhuman energy and flawless discipline.

Victorious in the ring, Carlos MONZON has never stopped carrying a perpetual battle in life to triumph in all areas.

This lively and picturesque story reads like an adventure novel, that of a true wildcat, launched in pursuit of victory and fortune, fighting like a lion, but hiding under ruthless appearances treasures of tenderness and generosity.

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